1997 Holiday Winter Catalog Art of Transcendence OS

$20.00 USD

Original Full Edition Blue Fish Catalog 1997 Holiday Winter Mint Condition Pages Included are Full Color Charts ~ Line Drawings and the Retail Prices from Way Back Then! An Excellent way to Identify Pieces from your Present Collection as well Planning for the Future! A Superior Sellers resource ~ A Real Blue Fish Experience! Includes 40 Line Drawings ~ Features: Organic Cotton Jersey ~ The Desirable Velvet Knit Collection ~ Organic Cotton Jersey ~ Elements Thermal Lycra ~ The Amazing Organic Fleece and The Art of Transcendence Theme! Such Wonderful Pieces Included are: The Mask Jacket ~ Persian Dress ~ Angle Top ~ Rhadha Dress and Mitra Pant ~ Mascareri Dress ~ Bengali Jacket Lotus Shirt ~ Storyteller's Dress ~ Jester's Dress ~ Charmer's Jumper ~ Tails Jacket ~ Chandra Top ~ Artisan Pant ~ Pathway Pant ~ Journey Top ~ Cosmos Pant ~ The unforgettable Aditi Dress ~ Celestial Jacket ~ Surya Top ~ Avatar Jacket and So Much MORE!

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