1996 Gypsy Dress Face Ember Size 2

$275.00 USD

This Gypsy Dress is from the Fall Collection of 1996 in Ember in Perfect Condition made from Organic Cotton,. This Lovely and Versatile Dress is made from Many Folds of Mid Weight Organic Cotton, ~ The Features Include: A Uniquely Styled Crisscross and Gathered Vertical front and back. The Gypsy Dress can be worn Forward or Back ~ Depending on the Art you Prefer That day. Superior Squared Off Neckline then Accented by a Triangular Painted Panel ~ Mega Gathered Crossed Bodice and Generous Colorful Face Theme Paint ~ Simply Hangs Great with Creativity and Extreme Individuality! The Measurements are as follows: Bust: 54 ~ Waist 60 ~ Hip 80 ~ and the Length is 36 Inches.

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