Chapter 1 The FishFinder Box

On the top left hand side of your screen, there is a little secret waiting for you..... i

The Fishfinder Box can be your next best friend, when navigating all the different directions and pieces on this site! This search box allows for specified pieces to display for your consideration, which will match your specific preferences.

Lets assume for a minute that you want a black pant in a size 1 ~ but your really want to see all the black pants, just in case the measurements might work for you:

Just Go to the Fishfinder Box and enter: pant,black

Lets assume again, that you want to see the smallest pieces on the website, because you are a tiny Fisher:

Just Go to the Fishfinder Box and enter: Not Soo Curvy (Size 0)

Or maybe you want to view the largest pieces: Enter Totally Curvy (Size 2)

Maybe your in-between sizes: Enter Kinda Curvy (Size 1)

Again let us assume for a minute, you want a Short Sleeved Tee Shirt, but your not sure what size. Use the comma in this case:

Just Go to the Fishfinder Box and enter: Tee Shirt, short sleeved

Want to broaden your search to Long Sleeved Tee Shirts too?  

Enter just the word Tee Shirt. This will result in Long Sleeved and Short Sleeved Tee Shirts only.

Generally, if you have more than a few descriptor words separate them by a comma!

Always remember single words are great too! 

We hope you find this little mini tip helpful while shopping on the site!

Next time we meet, we will share with you the best and most effective key words for entering in the Fishfinder Box ~

The words that pull the most results for the desired view.

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