Vintage Blue Fish Clothing 1991: Behind The Scenes

1991: Vintage Blue Fish Clothing Production Notes

“Each piece of clothing tells a story of powers through ideas and memories in symbolism of the past, the present, and the unknowable next ideas of sharing and stories and pictures.”  ~Excerpt from the only 1991 Catalog
Vintage Blue Fish Clothing 1992: Behind The Scenes

1992: Vintage Blue Fish Clothing Production Notes

"Once upon a time in 1992 in America on planet Earth, there was a limited Holiday line dyed Black-Sand:  A warm rich black:  Alternative … The styles were simple + Beauty-full-Hand Block printed by imaginative artists in Deep, mysterious colors & metallic tones equals irresistible, yes…and these clothes made people feel good and special, and we saw them smiling …” ~ Excerpt from the Holiday 1992 wholesale line sheet, which is the last page of 1992 ~